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New And Old Houses

From Restoration to Innovation

Whether you are building a new home or restoring an old one, California State Plastering has the experience and dedication to provide you with exceptional plastering. We adapt to the needs of each project, providing personalized solutions that respect the authenticity of old buildings and enhance the attractiveness of new ones.


  • Exceptional adaptability: Custom plastering for each type of construction.
  • Guaranteed durability: Projects adapted for long-lasting plastering.
  • A la carte style: Personalized solutions that respect your style.

The way we work to provide you with the best possible service

Check Availability

Send an email to californiastateplastering
expressing your interest in scheduling an appointment. Provide details about the specific services you require, along with your preferred date and time. Make sure to include your contact information so the company can respond and confirm availability.

Phone Confirmation

After sending the email, make a call to (916) 704-4867 to confirm the receipt of your request and discuss any additional details. Use this call to ask any additional questions about the services they offer and to obtain more detailed information about the scheduling process.

Finalize the Appointment

Once you have confirmed availability and discussed all details via email and phone, finalize the appointment. Ensure you have all the necessary information, such as the exact address of the location where the services will be performed, and any other specific requests you may have. This will ensure a smooth and efficient experience during the scheduled appointment.